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Sima Savdharia is a formally educated Kingian Nonviolence Trainer, Restorative Justice Practitioner, Conflict Coach and a Certified Mediator. She has a wealth of experience in the realm of conflict de-escalation and has brought this skillset to her work as a Mediator, Case Manager, and Classroom Educator. She is also a Transformative Justice Facilitator who conducts community accountability processes within a healing justice framework. 


Ms. Savdharia manages a consultancy, Mediation and Healing Justice, for community-based organizations in the Bay Area including corporations, city agencies, community boards, grass roots networks and individuals. She facilitates and offers trainings on conflict de-escalation and harm prevention as a means to cultivate community interdependence independent of a punitive legal system. Previously, she advocated for migrants along the US-Mexico border. She strives to bring a gentle candor and pro-people analysis to all her endeavors. In addition to English, she also speaks Gujurati and Spanish which has allowed her to work with a wider variety of people.


In her role as an Independent Contractor, Ms. Savdharia works with The Ahimsa Collective, where she has been trained to facilitate VODs (Victim Offender Dialogues) and facilitates the RJC (Restorative Justice in Community) program. Clients for whom she has worked include the Redwood City Social Services, The Social Justice Learning Institute, Oakland Communities United for Equity and Justice, Senior Disability Action, and Community Boards, amongst others.


She was a Property Manager and Community Mediator for The Northern CA Land Trust and a Case Manager at SEEDS Community Resolution Center. As a Teacher, Ms. Savdharia created and implemented curriculum, as well as restorative justice practices, and taught various subjects in English and Spanish at both private and public schools in Oakland and throughout the East Bay. She volunteered as a Cultural Liaison in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and in Mexico. As a first-generation South Asian daughter of immigrants to the US, these experiences abroad helped to inform her dedication to community work.


Ms. Savdharia holds a Masters in Urban Education and Social Justice from the University of San Francisco and graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology. She is also an alumna of The East Bay Meditation Center’s Practice in Transformative Action program. Additionally, she has studied trauma-informed healing modalities, political education training, community engagement tools, conflict transformation, and problem-posing pedagogy.

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