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Komoia Johnson, Ph.D.

Komoia Johnson is an experienced Trainer, Curriculum Designer, and Restorative Justice (RJ)/Conflict Resolution Practitioner in the Bay Area since 2006.  Her training audience includes schoolteachers, students, families, and administrators, locally and nationally as well as community-based organizations, professors, teachers in training, and mental health interns and licensed practitioners in higher education.

In addition to restorative justice and conflict resolution skills, Dr. Johnson is trained in Nonviolent Communication, Behavior Analysis Case Management, and Coaching for Equity.   


From 2013 - 2020, Dr. Johnson worked in service of students and their families for the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) as a Restorative Justice Program Manager, supporting schools with school-wide Restorative Justice implementation, coaching, training, and supervising Restorative Justice facilitators, Restorative Community School Managers, and practitioners.  During this time, she co-wrote OUSD’s “Restorative Justice Implementation Guide: A Whole School Approach” and “A Circle a Day: 170 Scaffolded Questions to Develop Social Emotional Skills” cards.

Currently, Dr Johnson is a Director with Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth (RJOY) as well as a lead trainer for SEEDS Conflict Resolution Center and co-trainer, mentor, and coach for UC Berkeley Restorative Justice Center.

Dr. Johnson holds a M.S. in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational Psychology, with an emphasis in research and measurement, from Capella University.  For over 25 years, she remains in service of students, families, and community. Dr. Johnson continues to strengthen her skill set by partnering with diverse communities to cultivate healthy positive relationships which is a significant and vital component to all that she does.

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