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Hilary Roberts, M.Ed.

Hilary Roberts, Founder and Executive Director of Peer Advocates Training and Consulting and author of Peer Advocates in Action, is a much sought-after Trainer, Consultant, Conference Presenter, and Curriculum Developer specializing in Transformative Education. The focus of her expertise is to help public and private organizations to rethink and reshape organizational and personal culture, climate, communication and collaboration practices, and disciplinary responses. Her work is well known throughout the west coast by municipal and state governments, school districts and universities as well as community groups and individuals.


The Transformative Education teaching and learning process is an experiential approach that assists the learner to shift in their behavior, mindset, and beliefs. Passionate about bringing this technique to a broader audience in order to improve the functioning of groups that share a common purpose, Ms. Roberts empowers organizations to achieve effective outcomes by making their spaces more equitable, balanced and restorative. She successfully implements Transformative Education in her Restorative Justice, Conflict Resolution, Racial and Cultural Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Trauma Resiliency, Peer Support Programming, Conscious Communication, and Leadership trainings.


Since 1979, Ms. Roberts has been hired by municipalities and public agencies including the Santa Clara Valley Water District, the Berkeley Women’s Daytime Drop-In Center, the Dublin-San Ramon Service District, SEEDS Resolution Services, and for the City of Oakland: the Police and Fire Departments, the City Manager’s office, the Human Resources Department, and Library Services, among other departments.


Ms. Roberts’ positions with schools, colleges and universities have included Advisor to Columbia University’s International Center for Cooperation & Conflict Resolution, Instructor for the Department of Education at Holy Names University, Instructor for the University of California at San Francisco and Berkeley City College, and as curriculum Advisor to the Academy of Art University’s Teacher Education Division. Having gained significant recognition for her Peer Support Program developed for the Fremont USD, Ms. Roberts implements Peer Support Programs in schools, universities, and organizations, nationally. Her book, Peer Advocates in Action, is the adopted textbook for many Peer Support Programs throughout California.


In addition, Ms. Roberts’ tenure as an Educator is recognized for her work with formerly incarcerated youth and youth coping with significant trauma. Her techniques assist youth to learn and grow through the blending of quality education and mental health services in partnership with families, schools, and communities. She has extensive experience as a Trainer with CONCRN: Compassionate Response Network – an organization aimed at decriminalizing homelessness and providing services to those who are homeless – as well as with LavaMae –a mobile shower unit that provides services to unhoused individuals and families. As a Conscious Communication Skills Trainer and Consultant to the staff of these agencies, she has taught the necessary skills for working with individuals challenged by substance abuse and mental health issues.


Ms. Roberts attended St. Mary’s College (Moraga, CA) Post-Graduate Educational Leadership Program. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education from Columbia University of NYC, and an undergraduate degree in Special Education from The City College of the City University of NY. She is certified as a Conflict Mediator, a Brief Intervention Counselor working with substance abusers, a Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Practitioner, and a Trauma Resiliency Coach working with individuals who have experienced emotional and psychological trauma.      


Ms. Roberts has studied and performed a myriad of cultural dance forms, and has received numerous honors and awards here and abroad, for her choreographies and artistic direction. Her ensembles have toured internationally as Ambassadors and Peacemakers through the performance, teaching and sharing of traditional ethnic dance and music.

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"Hilary is just flat out a great trainer. She is the complete package, someone who knows programs not only in theory, but also from running them for the over 30 years.  Hilary knows how to read a crowd - whether its students or adults - and with their input, seems to always figure out and deliver exactly what they are needing.  Whenever possible, I call upon her and Peer Advocates Training and Consulting to consult with new Peer Resource Program Coordinators on what a well running Peer Program looks like as I believe she ran the best Peer Program in the state of California."

Ira Sachnoff

Director -- Peer Resources Training & Consulting

"Hilary has an amazing ability to connect with her students, making it easy to WANT to learn. She relates every topic to real life experiences allowing you to truly understand the material. Hilary is relentless in her work ethic that is only matched by the passion she has for her work and the people she impacts."

Delia Torres

Youth Employment Coordinator Youth & Family Services -- The City of Union City, CA

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