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Angela Cleo Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Smith is an award-winning Trainer, Consultant, Author, Practitioner, and much sought after Motivational Speaker in the fields of Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Justice Practices, Bullying Resilience, and Diversity and Equity. Dr. Smith’s book, “Bullying Resilience: Informing Schools and Communities to Transform Conflict by Using an Anti-Bullying Restorative Justice Campaign” is a resource for many educators, Human Resource Departments and communities seeking to resolve complex issues. Her work examines the effects and resolution of bullying behavior, as well as other conflicts, in a collaborative, cooperative and communicative manner. Her personal and professional values are aligned with the engagement of social justice through the establishment of practices and pedagogy that help individuals and groups develop and grow. Her core beliefs are rooted in an inclination to help others. 


Dr. Smith came to this work through a circuitous route. She has had extensive experience working in media and community development through entrepreneurial ventures and partnerships, political campaigns and as a television producer, on-air talent and board member. A talk show host at Berkeley Community Media since 2001, as well as the Board Chairwoman for the organization for a number of years, Dr. Smith developed greater awareness of issues of social justice and a desire to impact positive change in the workplace, schools and community.


Dr. Smith’s work in media and social justice, led her to work in the State Assembly offices of Nancy Skinner and Sandre’ Swanson, which informed her later work as Campaign Manager for several California Bay Area politicians. It was there that she learned of the national statistics on bullying in the schools and the workplace, and its devastating consequences on the lives of youth and adults. From that, she committed herself to working in the areas of leadership and discipline reform using Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution Practices towards more positive outcomes. 


Some of Dr. Smith’s clients have included – but are not limited to - The City of Oakland, CA, Berkeley City College, The City of Berkeley, CA, The City of Richmond, CA, The Beautiful Women’s Network, Oakland Unified School District, The City of Berkeley’s Black History Month Celebration, the Pleasanton Unified School District and as the Director for Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in San Francisco. As Director for the CFC, Dr. Smith raised millions of dollars for charities around the world and was the Northern California CFC Spokesperson to the Federal Executive Board.. 

In her current position as the Culture and Diversity Manager at First Place For Youth, Dr. Smith designs, oversees, and implements all aspects of the organization’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging trainings, projects, and programs.

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